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About Us

Neurosoft Corporation was established in 2002 and is a leading provider of intelligent solutions designed to enhance and secure your PC experience.

We at Neurosoft Corporation have a single focus, to make your PC experience as painless as possible. We are dedicated to providing you solutions that help to turn your PC back into to what it is supposed to be – a communication vehicle to empower your life and fulfil your aspirations.

Our Rochester Research Institute is dedicated to research and development of cutting edge, yet simple to use 1 click solutions designed to solve common problems in the digital era.

Neurosoft Corporation’s award winning product line, including PC Doc Pro™ - an optimization platform for your PC, Screenotes™ - an intelligent yellow notes solution designed to organize your life and scribble your ideas, and Spy Trasher™ - an advanced anti-spy remover.

Our solutions offer the most advanced and innovative methods for enhancing and protecting your digital system and personal life. Through scalability, our products can be used by the home-user and at the enterprise level.